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Small business owners/ self employed left out

by Zack Witham,

Another government idea that will leave small business owners and the self-employed out in the cold.

I would suggested that if our government plans on pushing this idea through then they should be prepared to fund the program IN ITS ENTIRETY.

The majority of small business owners that I know have to run on such tight profit margins as it is. There is no way they could afford to pay employees when they're not physically at work. This could very well bankrupt many people.

And what about sole proprietors lie myself? Who will foot the bill for me so I can stay home every time I get the sniffles and still make bank?

The reality of it is that I already have to work tired, side or injured just to make sure that the mortgage is covered.

Quite respectfully, mandating the private sector to pay sick days is (one of) the stupidest idea(s) I've heard in recent memory.

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