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My survival story

by Raven ,
I want to say that when I’m sick and have to stay home from work I get stressed because my pay is less each day I’m home. My rent is 2200.00 a month and when I go week to week with pay I have it figured out on how much I need My share of the rent is 1200.00 and my mother who,is in pension pays 1000.00. I put 300.00 away for rent a week, I have my cell phone bill to pay each month and I have to make sure I have gas money for my truck and if it needs repairs I have to sell something to help cover the cost of the repair or borrow from my mother and pay her back. When one day is missed a week I have rent and gas money. When I get stressed it brings sickness on faster and when others at work are sick around me because they are in the same situation it is not good. I’ve had to miss work because my mother who is an elder has health issues and I have had to spend a day home with her and take care of her. Again more stress. I try not to miss work at all but there are times I have to.
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