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Being Sexually assaulted and harassed at work is difficult

by ButterflyTR,
Dedicated career in YTG has been very hard over my ten years. I have felt depressed and defeated at times. Recently got diagnosed with PTSD. The Govt has handed my case over and over to all kinds of departments.

it’s hard for me to go to work. With the triggers and symptoms I have on a daily basis. They say the will accommodate me but there’s no room for reconciliation with what happened by seven different bosses.
There needs to be strong voices for justice. And I know I’m not alone.

I need to heal and the government hurt me in many ways. Sexual assault and harassment, verbal abuse, power of authority and my mental health. I need time off to heal, I also need to be paid so I can go on. I’m not suicidal but this makes my healing really hard. No pay, bills still rolling in, kids to be cared for, husband to stand beside and care for, and all the meetings and appointments I must abide by and pay for these costly trips. It’s been really tough I worked hard for the Government and they don’t care about me like I did for them. So sad to watch my life’s dedication and accomplishments go down the drain.

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